The story of SARU is a story of four generations of family enterprise and a saga of heroic efforts to develop indigenous talent and to survive and make good despite heavy odds.
1900 Trading in Non Ferrous Metals, under the firm of Jugmandar Das Shital Prashad (JDSP Metals)
1939 Contract of sourcing scrap & to Government Defence Departments spread across Rawalpindi, Lahore, Firozabad
1940 Direct imports of Non Ferrous Metals in Delhi & Calcutta
1944 Saru Smelting Pvt. Ltd. established to start manufacturing of White Bearing Metal Alloys
1946 Solder Bar & Wire manufacturing
1950 Silver Brazing Alloys manufacturing
1960 Phosphor Bronze manufacturing, commissioned country’s first Continuous Casting Plant.
1970 Imported New Solder Wire Extrusion Plant from Germany.
1975 Formed a new company to manufacture Foundry fluxes- SARU Aikoh- Chemicals
1987 Commissioned the country’s first Tin Smelting Plant at Orissa – SARTIN Alloys Pvt. Ltd.
1988 Silver Brazing Division - Spin off into SARU Silver Alloys Pvt. Ltd.
  Phosphor Brazing division - Spin off into SARU Copper Alloys Semis Pvt. Ltd.
1990 Strip & Foil manufacturing
1997 ISO 9002 Accredited
2000 Distribution of SMT Solder Products – of AIM Inc, U.S.A.
2006 Renewal of ISO 9001
• ISO 14001 & ISO 9001 Accredited
• Strategic Alliance for solder products with ISHIKAWA METALS , JAPAN
2011 New division – Saru Shielding commissioned
SARU Family companies –Divisions
SARU Smelting Pvt. Ltd.
SARU Copper Alloys Semis Pvt. Ltd
USHANK Telecommunications Ltd.
SARU Silver Alloys Pvt. Ltd.
SARU Aikoh Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.
USHANK Credits Pvt. Ltd
SHITAL Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
SARU Concast Pvt. Ltd.
SARU Engineering Ltd.
SARU Precision Wire Pvt. Ltd.
PREMIER Ingots Pvt. Ltd.
SARU Shielding
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