A Short Intro
Saru Solder is India’s pioneer manufacturer of complete range of Solders; it has been manufacturing Solders since 1950.

Saru Solder has a modern manufacturing facility which is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accredited. The facility in Meerut is used for manufacturing of solders in a variety of alloy formulations, shapes and forms such as bars, wires, strips, foils, and Preforms.

Flexibility is what makes Saru solders fabrication business cater to a wide variety of customers. We have the skill, experience, equipment and engineering resources to produce any solder fabrication imaginable like cadmium solder, soft solder, low dross solder etc.

The Saru team is dedicated to provide the best possible solutions to our customers needs. We at Saru cater to a wide section of users from the electronics, industrial, automotive, medical, aerospace, solar, defense and nuclear power industry.
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