Saru-Ishikawa lead free casted and extruded Solder Bar is available in a variety of alloys ( Refer lead free Alloy chart ). They are used for wave soldering and other electronics Applications. Saru -Ishikawa lead free solder bar is manufactured from virgin metals that removes contaminants & reduces the dissolved oxides. The virgin metals lead to the most efficient solder joint formation, minimal amount of dross formations .
Produced from high purity virgin metal
Low oxide contents
Low drossing rate
Reduce defect such as bridging and icycling
Excellent joint strength
Excellent wetting
Compatible with all flux type
Bar Packaging Option
1 kg per Bar
20 kg per Box
Lead free wave & Dip solder pot suggested Maximum levels of contaminants
Element Chemical Symbol SAC Alloys% by weight
Silver Ag A< 900 ppm4.25
Cl< 900 ppm
Gold Au 0.4
Aluminium Al 0.006
Bismuth Bi 0.1
Copper Cu 1
Iron Fe 0.04
Nickle Ni 0.05
Lead Pb 0.1
Antimony Sb 0.2
Zinc Zn 0.006
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